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Over the last 4 years UGC Niagara has grown into one of the largest gaming events in Canada. From intense main stage matches to explosive reactions (LETS GO), you have created some unforgettable moments. Gamers from all over the world have come together to make UGC Niagara something unique and special for the eSports community.

The eSports community is amazing. It is home to some of the most passionate fans, fueling one of the most unique industries ever created. This has caused game studios to take note and start running tournaments in house. Major sports broadcasters have also created new divisions to cover this phenomenon as it happens.

While this is fantastic, it has also forced us to re-evaluate our strategy and focus on what we do best. Our mission has always been to connect developers with resources and promote game based learning.

Unfortunately this does mean that our annual eSports event will not be taking place. While we are incredibly happy to play a role in eSports history we leave the rest to the big dogs while we refocus our efforts towards what we do best, connecting and educating.

We are gearing up for another event later this year which will solely focus on connecting game developers and game based learning. More details will be announced in the next few months.

Thank you to our volunteers for the countless hours, funding from our generous sponsors, and the passion from our gamers, UGC Niagara would never have been possible without it. We look forward to what is ahead.

- The UGC Niagara Team

tl;dr We love you. eSports is awesome. UGC Niagara will be focusing on game developers and game based learning, details to follow. No April event :(